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Exhaust Systems

Polini exhausts systems are available for all kinds of scooter, both automatic and classic, and through years of development they have further refined each of the systems to ensure the best possible performance when combined with other Polini tuning products.


Polini's range of transmission parts not only covers variators and drive belts for automatic scooters, but also includes a range of gearing products for use on Classic scooters as well.



Clutch Products

Applying the power from the engine to the rear wheel place a lot of force on the scooters clutch, to this end Polini manufacture a wide range of adjustable clutch assemblies to ensure that the maximum amount of power gets through to the rear wheel.

Cylinder Kits

The range of cylinder kits on offer from Polini covers all forms of scooter and Moto 50/125 with either carb or fuel injection fueling systems. From performance 50cc to 210cc cylinder kits Polini offer excellent value for money.



Floating Brake Discs

Polini offer a range of floating brake discs for a wide range of 50cc automatic scooters. The addition of a floating disc not only helps improve braking performance through better heat loss but also resist disc warping under heavy braking loads.


Carb Jet Kits

Polinihave made buying ranges of jet simple, simply choose you jet type and the range of sizes you require. Available for Dellorto, Kehin, an Mikuni carbs. The jets are supplied in a reusable plastic case for easy storage and identification.